The Hour Of Divine Intervention

Hi friends, what is that thing that has being putting you down for long, or giving you sleepless nights?

And you think there is no way out, for you have tried all you can. Please do not give up your hope. Come and give Jesus a try again in this hour of Divine intervention, in prayers with women and men of faith, and your life will never be the same, for with God all things are possible.

Remember the woman in bible, with the issue of blood for 12yrs. in Luck 8:43-47, she said she had tried all she could, but no change, and when she heard of Jesus, she still decided to give Him a try, and her situation, to change from bad to good. What of the man in John 5:1-9, with the infirmity 38yrs? He thought all is over, until Divine intervened! He has not changed; He is the same today tomorrow and evermore. So please, do not miss this hour of Divine intervention.